Service Done Right

Patterson Brands is different because we bring over 19 years of high level Marketing, Public Relations and Licensing expertise to the party. We've been in our customers shoes.

Schwag When You Need It

In business since 1999, Patterson Brands understands how to deliver great product AND how to design the best looking gifts and apparel for your staff and clients. We routinely complete orders in one business week, from P.O. to delivery.


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Show Room

We've embraced the online world but still maintain an old-fashioned showroom so you can see, feel and touch the products that incentivize employees, reward loyalty or brand your company.

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Great Service.

Patterson Brands has been serving customers across North America and the globe since 1999. Our clients tell us they like working with us because of exceptional personal service and branding & design expertise.

Casual Athletics

Managed Online Stores.

We are proud at Patterson Brands to be managing company and retail stores on behalf of our clients. Simple, no fuss promotional products shipped directly to the shopper with no effort.

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As a small businessperson, you have no greater leverage than the truth. - John G. Whittier